Mobile phone reception is good on the eastern side (city side) of the park. All users of Stromlo Forest Park when outside of organized events are encouraged to carry a mobile phone and trail map with them at all times. Trail maps can be downloaded through the Stromlo Forest Park Website. In addition, three emergency telephones have been installed at Stromlo Forest Park.


Stromlo Forest Park has three emergency phones. These are located;

  • at the southern end of the event pavilion viewing platform,
  • by the junction of “Tall Trees”, “Rocky’s” and the start of the downhill tracks,
  • on the western side of Mt Stromlo at the top of “Double Dissolution” and “Pipeline” trails

This emergency phone can be used to contact ‘000’ the ACT police and the Territory Venues and Events office during business hours.

In the event of an emergency or a serious accident, users, in the first instance, should contact the emergency services on 000.

If an injury or accident occurs and contact with the emergency services cannot be made, the venue manager has the necessary communications to contact the emergency services. There is a venue manager on site most of the times during working hours.

In all cases, the venue manager is to be contacted immediately to ensure the emergency vehicle/s have access to the appropriate area.

In order to ensure the emergency services and venue manager receive the most accurate information, the following must be advised:

  • Your name.
  • Your location. Be specific such as Stromlo Forest Park, North, East, South or West slope (attempt to give distances and reference points if possible). Use the map located by the phone for reference.
  • What is the problem (describe the emergency, provide as much information as possible such as injured person, how it happened, obvious visual injury, etc)
  • How the emergency services get to your location (Describe which gate to enter as Emergency Services have access to all areas, etc).


If first aid is required, a first aid kit and defibrillator are located in the event pavilion. The event pavilion is locked during business hours and the venue manager will need to be contacted if access is required. A first aid kit is also located in the venue manager’s vehicle. The venue manager can be contacted on 0466 342 954 during business hours.


if you see any injured wildlife please contact Access Canberra on 132281.


As a matter of courtesy and also for user safety, Stromlo Forest Park employs the international standard regarding user right of way for a shared use facility between horse riders, pedestrians and cyclists. Please take the time to understand your responsibility as a user.

Download Essential Visitor Information (PDF – 197Kb)