Damian Breach

Stromlo’s official photographer, Canberra local Damian Breach has been behind the lens professionally since 2003. After spending several years based in the US shooting for various mountain bike publications, companies and websites all over the world, Damian is now based in Canberra and works for Flow Mountain Bike as the online editor and lead photographer.

As one of Canberra’s keenest mountain bikers, you’ll also regularly bump into Damian on the trails of Stromlo where he is regularly testing bikes and products for Flow, shooting picturess for Stromlo Forest Park, Flow and various other MTB companies and generally just having a good time.

He’s a huge advocate of mountain biking in general and especially for mountain biking at Stromlo Forest Park. The majority of the photos you see on Stromlo’s website and social media updates are Damian’s work. If you want to check out some of his other work, head over to his website- www.damianbreach.com