Park Ambassadors

Stromlo Forest Park supports selected local riders with sponsorships that help them continue to do what they do best. Downhill, 4-Cross or Cross Country – the Pro’s come to our Park!

In these pages you will find information about Caroline Buchanan and Damian Breach. They are spokes people for Stromlo Forest Park and we are proud to be a part of their racing programs. Caroline and Damian will provide up to date race reports, photos from around Australia and the world, news items and you can also “Ask the Parks Pro’s” if you need any help with your own riding.


Got a question about Stromlo Forest Park or about mountain biking? Ask the Parks Ambassadors.
Email your question to and we will answer it for you!


Stromlo’s official photographer, Canberra local Damian Breach has been behind the lens professionally since 2003. After spending several years based in the US shooting for various mountain bike publications, companies and websites all over the world, Damian is now based in Canberra and works for …