Stromlo Forest Park has been reinvented and transformed since the first early European settlers. The park has been used for pastoral development, plantation and forestry of pine trees and today is now a world-class multi recreational sporting facility. As suburban development grew around Mount Stromlo, families and friends were beginning to use the area for popular recreational activities such as running, walking, dog sledding, bike riding horse riding and the occasional car rally.

In 2003, a devastating fire swept across Canberra and completely destroyed Stromlo Forest. It was after the fires that an ACT Government Bushfire Recovery Taskforce was formed. This group was to be the link between the Government agencies and the community. Several local sporting champions were invited and developed proposals for Stromlo Forest. From these proposals the development of Stromlo Forest Park was transformed.

Now local Canberran’s are coming to the park and enjoying the use of the world class facilities that have been developed including the cross country running track, the Criterium Circuit and the equestrian trails. Activities that have grown popular with the new park include; bird watching, kids learning how to ride on the Criterium Circuit, dogs being walked through the fire trails and family picnics at the new BBQ area.