Criterium Circuit

In 2001, a representative steering committee of Canberra cycling and wheeled sports groups was formed to work towards a dedicated cycling circuit in Canberra. Later that year, the ACT Government was approached by the steering committee to consider providing a cycling circuit.

After the destruction of the 2003 fires, the ACT Government, Sport & Recreation department approved a feasibility study for a cycling facility in Canberra. In 2004, Stephen Hodge was invited by the ACT Government to assist with advice for the Stromlo Master Plan, specifically planning for a road cycling circuit at Stromlo Forest Park.

In late 2005, construction on the criterium cycling circuit began andStromlo Forest Park now boasts a one-of-a-kind recreational facility with a world-class criterium cycling circuit.

The concept for the Stephen Hodge Criterium Cycling Circuit was to design and build a Criterium Cycling Circuit (short road cycling circuit) of a minimum width of 8 meters up to 11 meters in the start finishing straight, and length of 1200 meters, making it suitable for a wide range of competitive and non-competitive road cycling and related wheeled sports activities.

The circuit is designed to provide a safe and versatile cycling and sports venue suitable for the widest possible range of activities, from adults and children’s skills training and fun riding, to local, national and international cycling events, as well as a venue for elite sports training by our national and state institutes of sport.

The circuit, in addition to providing an elite cycling circuit, has been planned to provide a key community resource that caters for the rapidly increasing cycling population by meeting demand for safe venues for cycling and one that can be used to develop cycling through training and skills programs in a safe off-road environment.

The full circuit is 1200 meters long, and is constructed with a central flat paved area joining front and rear portions of the track that adds enormous versatility and potential use for the venue. It can be used to divide the circuit into two 650m tracks, used as a skills training area, as a base for set up of event infrastructure or marshaling area for competitors.

The circuit has been designed to provide a mixture of fast flat cycling combined with some more technically challenging corners and easy grades at either end. The park entrance has been designed to accommodate road racing finishes coming in from the public road system, with a spur road onto the cycling circuit off the main park entrance road.