Stromlo Forest Park is now part of the CBRfree network, simply look for the CBRfree logo on your device, accept the terms and conditions and you’re in!

No excuses now, not to post your awesome photos of you having fun at Stromlo!

Once fully operational, CBRfree  will be Australia’s largest free outdoor public Wi-Fi network and will provide users with access to 250 megabytes per day for unlimited sessions of up to 24 hours at Wi-Fi hot spots. An example of the type of internet activity Canberrans will have per month is:
  • the capacity to send around 15,000 emails (without attachments)
  • make around 1,500 Facebook posts
  • download about 525 songs
  • download roughly 1,500 photos
  • watch 19 hours of video

CBRfree  is an important part of the ACT Government’s commitment to Canberra’s future as a smart and digital city, and is about ensuring everyone is able to share in the benefits that come with technology in a way that is free and accessible to all. Free public Wi-Fi will also help us create vibrant town centre areas and support community development across a broad area of our city, connecting communities and making it easier for Canberrans to engage with Government services.

In addition, increasing wireless connectivity enhances efficiency for those who live, work, and visit Canberra and is a key component of our efforts to make Canberra a digitally inclusive city, and it will encourage new knowledge-based and ICT industries that will help to diversify the ACT economy.

As of the end of 2014, Canberra’s city centre – Civic East, West and Braddon – will have CBRfree available, and over the coming months, people will start to see signage that will identify the free public Wi-Fi hotspots so people know where they can access it.

We hope that increased access to the Internet and its extensive resources will serve to advance educational opportunities and support community development across a broad area of our extraordinary city.

People are encouraged to log on to CBRfree  public Wi-Fi when they are next in the city and check out the new network for themselves.

Author: SFP