Conditions of Use and Trail Etiquette

Stromlo Forest Park is a shared public facility with designated trails for bike riders, runners, walkers and equestrians. Trails are clearly marked and colour coded and there are specific rules for their use.

The following conditions of use apply to the Equestrian trails at all times:

  • Observe and follow all signage on the trails.
  • Always wear an Australian Standard Certified helmet.
  • Don’t take shortcuts; ride only on paths provided.
  • Cyclists are not permitted to use designated equestrian trails. Equestrians are not permitted to use designated MTB trails. Other fire trails are open to both equestrians and cyclists.
  • Share the trail with other permitted users. Equestrians have the right of way over all other users. This is an international standard. Walkers have next priority and then cyclists.
  • Remember that your behaviour is a reflection on the horse community as a whole.
  • Travel in single file on busy trails and pass other trail users on the right with care.
  • Politely encourage cyclists and runners to slow down or stop before passing or overtaking and thank them for doing so.
  • Yield to faster horse riders.
  • Ride your horse at a controlled speed and watch for cyclists, especially approaching blind corners or intersections where you are likely to meet MTB trails.
  • Tie a red ribbon to the tail of any horse that may kick.
  • Other trail users may not be familiar with horses and their reactions. Talk to them wherever possible.
  • Plan your ride; know the distance and approximate ride time of the trail you intend to ride.
  • Carry appropriate food and water.
  • When parking your float leave room for others to park and unload safely.
  • Do not clean out your horse float in the car parks.
  • Trail use may be restricted for safety reasons at various times or for special events.
  • Organisers of a planned event may change user procedures at their discretion and must advise all users of these changes prior to their participation.
  • Carry a mobile phone, especially if you are riding on your own. Know who to call in an emergency, either 000 or a friend or park management.
  • Report problems with trail conditions to the Stromlo Forest Park management on 02 6207 8484.