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Cross Country Mountain Bike


After the Canberra bush fires of 2003, the landscape of what is now Stromlo Forest Park survived as nothing more than a bare expanse of land. Scarred by the fires and home to not even a single tree, all the pine trees and mountain bike trails had been destroyed.

Since the subsequent unveiling of the park in 2007 the forest has made an impressive comeback, the trees continue to prosper and the mountain bike trails get better every day.

The Park now offers its users a huge variety of world class trails. From a large selection of beginner and intermediate trails to the same tracks used at the 2009 UCI World Mountain Bike Championships, the park offers something for every mountain bike rider out there.

When planning a ride, be sure to check the Trail Conditions link for up to date information regarding all the mountain bike trails and their current condition.


Cross Country Mountain Bike reservation and booking criteria.

Only large organised events are eligible to book these facilities for exclusive use.  Prior to submitting a booking request, please contact Territory Venues and Events on telephone 02 6256 6700 to discuss eligibility and terms and conditions.  

Bookings are required for any other event of 25 or more people.  Exclusivity is generally not provided.  However, you will be able to mark your event course accordingly.

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