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Fitz's Challenge

Sunday, 29 October 2017 - Sunday, 29 October 2017

29th October - 2017 Fitz’s Challenge – exclusive use of Criterium Circuit

Fitz's Challenge

Fitz’s Challenge was first run in 1989 and received 37 participants. The event has evolved annually since and in 2014 saw over 1300 participants challenge themselves by riding the Brindabella Ranges across Canberra’s countryside. Pedal Power ACT run Fitz’s Challenge and the event features five different course distances for cyclists to ride within a supported environment.

The five course distances – 50km, 105km, 165km, 210km and 255km – are diverse enough to enable cyclists to select the challenge most appropriate for their fitness level, while experiencing Canberra’s picturesque countryside firsthand.

Fitz’s Challenge is an inclusive cycling event and open to riders 12 years and up. It is important to note that any riders under the age of 18 years are required to be accompanied by an adult.

The event is renowned for the amount of challenging, but achievable climbing required within each distance. The more advanced distances require participants to ride up Fitz’s Hill as part of their course, which is how the event originally received its name. Fitz’s Challenge has established enough credibility within the cycling community that the 210km and 255km cycling events have been approved as official Audax Alpine Classic qualification rides.

There is a time limit associated with the lesser distances for a participant to use as motivation and be officially recognised as completing their ride. The time limit associated with the Audax Alpine Classic event qualification distances are more challenging but appropriate for a participant trying to earn entry to the event.

Any human powered cycle that is legal to be ridden on ACT roads has been approved by event organiser’s to be used in Fitz’s Challenge. This includes handcycles, tandems, recumbent bikes, tricycles, unicycles and kick bikes.

Fitz’s Challenge has been choosing to support The Kids’ Cancer Project since 2008, by assisting the organisation to raisemuch needed funds for research projects.

More information about the event can be found on: http://www.fitzs.com.au